Jackson M. Doggette Jr. – Ordination: Ellen G. White’s Concept

I first wrote these thoughts in 1986 after exhaustive research of Ellen G. White’s published and unpublished comments regarding ordination. Women’s ordination was just beginning to be discussed. Now, in 2011, the discussion about women’s ordination continues to rage without resolution within the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

Certain union conferences have taken the step to ordain women for ministry in North America. Union conferences are the only entity in the Seventh-day Adventist Church with the authority to make the decision regarding who will be ordained as a minister.

It is this author’s opinion that each union conference should be allowed to make their own decision regarding women’s ordination based upon the cultural and ethical norms of the locale. Ultimately, only God can truly select and ordain people for His purposes, which He does without regard to whether it is ever confirmed by man.

I invite you to read the following work and make your own determination.

Jackson M. Doggette Jr.

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