Comment Policy

We inform you the terms and conditions to comment on the website and other sites of social media belonging to Escogidas para Servir.

You have the right to freely express your opinion, no matter if  you are against or in favor of the ordination of women to pastoral ministry. We will not restrict or remove any comments unless it fails to comply with the following conditions:

1. Respect: Freedom of expression is not a license to insult, attack or denigrate others. As Christians we should avoid “being abrupt and blunt. Do not regard such peculiarities as virtues; for God does not so regard them. Endeavor not to offend any unnecessarily” (EGW, RH November 25, 1890). Comments attacking the Adventist Church and any of its institutions and any other person will be eliminated.

2. Courtesy: Writing in all Caps is like shouting. Comments written completely or mostly in capital letters will be deleted.

3. Consideration: Questions and consultations with the administrators of this website must be done privately by the Contact section.

4. Redirects: Links  to other webpages are not allowed.  Exceptions will be made prior notice to administrators through the Contact section.

5. Spam: spam, off-topic comments and other irrelevant remarks are not allowed.

6. Fake News: Comments consisting of fake news, lies, false rumors, factually incorrect statements or baseless gossip are not allowed.

Comments that do not comply with these criteria will be deleted without notice.

This policy is subject to change without notice. Changes shall be disclosed on the homepage and post on this section. Ignoring the rules excuses no one.

We remain at your disposal for any question you may have. You can contact us by going to the Contact section.

Last modified December 15, 2018.