Ty Gibson – A Closer Look of Women’s Ordination

Wednesday, January 14, 2015. Today I have decided that it is time for me to knuckle down and study the subject of women’s ordination for myself. After all, my church is engaged in a titanic conflict over the subject. As I gear up for the task, I wonder what I will discover if I lay aside my biases on the topic and simply examine what the Bible and the writings of Ellen White have to say about it. Whatever I am about to discover, of one thing I am certain: the church should go with whatever the Bible teaches on the matter, so I need to find out what that is.

My name is Ty Gibson. I am a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, baptized fresh out of the world at the tender age of 18. From that point on, I have given my entire adult life to full-time ministry. I am Co-director of Light Bearers, an evangelistic ministry based in the state of Oregon. Light Bearers enjoys an extremely positive and productive working relationship with church leaders and members around the world. We have supplied over a half billion evangelistic publications free of charge to Conferences, Unions and Divisions around the world. This material, translated into more than 40 languages, faithfully presents the total doctrinal message of Adventism, centered in Christ. I am also a pastor in the Oregon Conference, and my conference president likes me, last I checked.

Fast forward. It is now the first of June and I have completed my study. What I thought I would discover was support for the view I already held. What I actually discovered is that I was wrong in some of the things I assumed the Bible says on the topic. As I began to read, and read, and read, I underwent a series of shifts in my thinking under the guidance of God’s word.

Whatever your position happens to be at present, if you are a serious believer in the inspiration of the Bible and the writings of Ellen White, may I suggest that you really owe it to yourself and to your church to objectively consider the following historical information and biblical perspectives. If you are a delegate to the 2015 General Conference Session, may I urgently and humbly request, as your brother in Christ, that you read this article before you vote on women’s ordination.
So I invite you to take a deep breath, offer a sincere prayer for enlightenment, and open your mind to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That is, after all, the only appropriate posture before God.

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